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Travel Tips

Ukraine entering visa

NO VISAS are required for citizens of EU countries, Switzerland, USA, Canada and Japan.

All foreigners except the citizen mentions countries DO need an entering visa to travel into Ukraine!

Get full info about visas at http://www.ukremb.com/consular/visas.html.

Contact us if you are interested at office@odessa-guide.com

A few recommendations on the getting through Passport control and Customs

  • Bringing gifts. It is not that hard to go through these formalities in Ukraine. If you bring something for gifts you may be asked to pay a customs duty that can be considerable. We do not recommend you to bring any jewelry as the customs duty is 100% of its cost! If you do want to make such a surprise anyway, it would be more reasonable to bring money and purchase jewelry here. It will definitely cost less :) !!
  • Bringing money into Ukraine. Talking to many of my clients I have discovered that most of them are not aware of the Ukrainian laws as to this point. They were afraid of bringing cash as they thought it would cost them too much when crossing the border. It is NOT true at all. The Ukrainian laws allow foreigners to bring up to $10.000.00 cash.

    • if you have LESS amount than $1000.00 cash you may just go through customs by the Green Line. No declaration filling.
    • if you want to bring MORE than $1000.00 cash I strongly recommend you to declare cash when you go through the customs. Use Red Line at this case! It may help you a lot when you will be leaving Ukraine! The point is you are allowed to take only $1000.00 OUT of the country. However if you have a customs declaration confirming that you have brought a bigger amount to Ukraine then you can take out ANY amount that is less than what you have brought here.
  • Taking money FROM Ukraine. You will not have any problems if you have a LESS amount of cash than you have declared on your arrival. Keep your entering customs declaration until you pass through customs control on your departure!
  • Use VIP service at the airport. If you still would like to have special very flexible treatment at the customs it would be reasonable for you to order VIP service. It costs $48.00 and all formalities would take 15-20 min (if you arrive WITH the entering visa in your passport). Plus another 10 min for getting a visa at the airport if you don't have one yet.

Registration in Ukraine

It is NOT required to get any additional registration in Ukraine. You are getting registered automatically going through the passport control at the airport. Keep the immigration card that you'll fill there along with your passport wherever you go till leaving the country!

Escaping problems when Police stops you

Ukrainian laws allow Police to stop people at the streets to check their passports. If you are a foreigner you should have your immigration card you have filled at the airport crossing the border along with your passport.


Take your passport and immigration card with you wherever you go!!!

If you have your passport and you immigration card with you the policeman must let you go.

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