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Your will get your first taste of the Ukrainian transportation immediately upon arrival to the Odessa International Airport. It was built in 1961 during the times when Ukrainians were for most part not allowed to travel and there were only a limited number of foreign tourists arriving to Ukraine. I am surprised that the have not yet build a decent airport to accommodate traveling Ukrainian and foreign visitors.

After you get off the plane, unsmiling and strict Ukrainian customs officials will direct you to the hall where you have to endure a long passport control line. After that you have to claim your luggage, which could also take some time. Customs are usually easy enough though. Make sure you have your customs declaration ready and you should not have any problems. Usually, they just wave you right through. There are dozens of seedy taxi drivers who would approach you even if it is obvious that you are being picked up. I would very much recommend to arrange for an airport transfer before your trip.

Fortunately, this nightmare experience should be over soon and the rest of the trip you will have no trouble with the our transportation, which is quite good.

Odessa International Airport Schedule(RUS)
Odessa Bus station Schedule
Odessa Traine station Schedule


Taxi is very affordable in Odessa. A five-minute ride should not cost more than $3 or $5. The ride across the city would cost you around $10. Most official cabs are yellow in color and could be identified by a checker sign. When getting in a cab, make sure that you driver turns on the meter or negotiate a fare in advance. You can also use gypsy cabs. All Ukrainians and most foreigners in Odessa do so and it is generally considered safe. Just raise your arm on any street corner and there will be plenty of Ukrainian drivers ready to give you a ride for the agreed upon fare. One word of advice, do not get in a car with more than one person.

Ground Transportation

Ground Transportation in Odessa consists of buses, minibuses trolleybuses, which are basically electric buses that utilize suspended wires for electricity and trams that move on rails. It is good but a bit confusing and I have been unable to find a really clear bus map. If you use ground transportation, make sure that you ask for directions first and then look for your number bus. You can purchase bus tickets that come in sheets of ten at newsstands or right form the bus driver. They are dirt cheap, 5 griven (around one dollar) a sheet. There is a stamp machine on the bus that you have to put your ticket in to get punched. Many Ukrainian practice fare dodging since tickets are rarely checked.

Car Rental in Odessa

Car rent is also available in Odessa. It can be very useful and convenient if you would like to travel around Odessa or go outside the city. There are a few companies that provide this service. The most famous and trustworthy are Hertz and VRC Rental service operates accordingly to the world adopted terms and conditions. You can reserve a car through Internet www.hertz.ua The average price for daily rent starts from $65.00


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